1 Magical Year at Pory

Sharing our hilariously stressful 1st year 'duct tape moments' with Judy Anderson from Startup Victoria. Happy 1st Birthday Pory.

Episode 09 - Pory with Samantha Wong

A year has flown by in the blink of an eye, and what better way to celebrate this milestone than with a podcast episode? Thanks Judy for inviting me to share my duct tape moments that might sound hilarious now, but probably made us lose more hair than desired.

Duct tape is a podcast mini-series exploring the mindset of Victorian Founders and how they tackle unexpected problems. We call them 'duct tape moments' – those make-or-break situations where a founder must think quick and act quicker to keep the show on the road. And the truth is, every founder has them.

I was initially super nervous about recording this episode because I am the WORST at conveying my thoughts clearly. Heck, I still struggle with explaining what Pory does!

Well what's done is done and we can all cringe about this tomorrow or in a few years time. Happy 1st Birthday Pory ✌️